What parent or grandparent doesn’t want the very best for their loved ones? When it comes to gift giving we are often frustrated because the toy, game, or entertainment gift we provide seems to last only a short time and is soon forgotten. We feel limited to either a gift that is fun and enjoyable for our kids with no lasting benefit or a gift that is educational and boring.

Give a Lifelong Gift of Science!

What if we could give a highly engaging gift we knew could provide lasting benefit throughout their life? The gift of learning science is one of those rare gifts. Why science? All of us, but especially kids, are highly curious about this incredible world we live in. Hands-on science allows us to explore the world in a way that is incredibly fun and rewarding. Plus, what we learn today will continue to affect our life for years to come, and we’ll pass it on to others.

Most kids – and adults – would be thrilled with a gift that doesn’t just entertain but also:

  • Nurtures their curiosity,
  • Grows their understanding, and
  • Develops real skills that help them appreciate and navigate the world around them.

Who knows what impact such a lifelong science gift will have on our kids and future generations? With a little nudging your child could be the person that discovers a cure for diabetes or a new source of energy.

If you have a family member, young or old, with an interest in science, nurture that interest! This is easy because most hands-on science kits we offer are so engaging and fun that kids don’t realize how much they’re learning. Check out the Science Gifts category to help you find an enduring gift that is age-appropriate for any area of science interest.

Let us help you inspire your children with hands-on science. Watch this one-minute video.