If you’re looking for a customized science kit, look no further! We provide lab kits for science curriculum including Apologia, ABeka, Bob Jones, and Real Science-4-Kids. Each of our science lab kits can be fully customized, so you get the laboratory supplies you need.

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Once you’ve signed in, find the lab kit that fits with your science course.


When you’ve found the lab kit you want, click “Customize this Lab Kit” to see your options.

Step 3: Customize it!

All the items needed for your curriculum are on this list. Change the quantity of items you do not wish to buy. Scroll down to see more items recommended to complete science labs. There may be items you already have, or items you want more of.

Step 4: Checkout

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Not interested in using the customizable kit option? There are other ways to get exactly what you need to start doing science experiments. View a PDF Order Form for your curriculum and grade level. You can print out the order form and mail it to us, or you can call our helpful customer service team to place your order, or ask questions about lab kits.

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