Are you a kid wondering about types of clouds, or how to predict the weather? Find fun science activities like how to make a cloud in a jar! We’ve collected our favorite science experiments about clouds and weather in one place.

If you’re a teacher, parent, or kid, spring is the perfect time to study weather patterns, temperature shifts, and high winds. Start by reading up on weather basics. Continue the journey by learning about cloud types.

Clouds and Weather Experiments:

  • Convection Current: See hot air rise with the power of convection (and some food coloring).
  • Sea Breeze: Observe air pressure in action with this project.
  • Evaporation Station: How quickly can water evaporate? Come up with a hypothesis, and test it out.
  • Blue Skies: Why is the sky blue? Find out using milk, water, and a flashlight.
  • Make a Barometer: Explore changing weather with a homemade barometer using a jar, straw, and balloon.
  • Forecast the Weather: Try to predict the weather from home using a few expert tools.
  • The Water Cycle: See how water moves to the air to form clouds then falls back as rain!
  • Cloud in a Jar: Make your own mini cloud using a jar, water, ice, and a match.
  • How to Study Clouds Activity: What do different cloud shapes mean? Use the basic cloud types to predict the weather.
  • Types of Clouds Worksheet: Identify three basic cloud types with this free printable.

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