Watch cool science experiments in action with these project videos from Home Science Tools!  See liquids change colors, styrofoam cups melt without burning, and caterpillars make the amazing change into a butterfly…plus much more!  Get ideas for doing these science experiments on your own, or just watch the videos to see the fun science demonstrations.

Featured Experiment Video:
Water Filtration Experiment

Chemistry Science Experiment Videos

    • Color-Change Tricks – watch video >>
      Do some science magic with a few chemicals and some drinking glasses.>
    • Collapsing Styrofoam Cup Project – watch video >>
      Make a styrofoam cup implode on itself when you pour a little acetone on it.
    • Chromatography: Hidden Colors – watch video >>
      Split black ink into a rainbow of colors, using household materials.
    • Food Chemistry Projects – watch video >>
      Test for vitamin c, starch, and glucose in everyday foods.
    • Make a ‘Lava Lamp’ – watch video >>
      Create your own bubbly lava lamp effects with household ingredients.
    • Electroplate a Key – watch video >>
      Use electricity to copper-plate a brass key.

    Life Science Experiment Videos

    • Watch the Butterfly Lifecyle – watch video >>
      See a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and then butterfly.
    • See What’s Inside an Owl Pellet – watch video >>
      Go on a miniature bone hunt with this popular project.
    • Bacteria Science Project Guide – watch video >>
      Grow bacteria at home with these cool ideas (using agar & petri dishes).
    • Experiment with Protozoa – watch video >>
      A drop of pond water is filled with hundreds of invisible wriggling creatures.

    Physical Science Experiment Videos

    • Build a Simple DC Motor – watch video >>
      See the forces of electricity & magnetism in action with a homemade motor.
    • Balloon Rocket Car – watch video >>
      Use a balloon to power a homemade car made from one of your old water bottles.
    • Make a Tomato Battery – watch video >>
      Make an electric current using metal electrodes and a tomato!
    • Egg in a Bottle Project – watch video >>
      Do an impossible feat and make an egg fit through a hole that’s too small for it.
    • Liquid Xylophone Science Project – watch video >>
      Learn about the physics of sound waves and vibration in a musical way!

    General Science Experiment Videos

    • Crack Open a Geode – watch video >>
      See the cool crystals and mineral deposits you can find in geodes.
    • Why Does Popcorn Pop? – watch video >>
      Real science: use a test tube to make a kernel of corn turn into fluffy popcorn.
    • What to Do With Thinking Putty – watch video >>
      Get tips and tricks for what to do with this cool color-changing substance.
    • Make a Volcano in a Beaker – watch video >>
      You can create an erupting volcano using wax, sand, and water!

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