Where do the best science fair ideas come from? When planning a project for science fair, ideas that grab kids’ interest and don’t let go are usually a good bet.

Do you have a young student obsessed with rubbing balloons on her hair and sticking them to the wall? That could be a science fair project!

Or how about a middle-schooler who just likes to light things on fire? Get a quantitative spectroscope so he can analyze the light spectra produced by burning different elements—and make it a science fair project!

Science fairs are the perfect way to inspire learning through natural curiosity. And they’re available for elementary, middle, and high school students. Need a jump start on brainstorming? Find science fair project ideas by grade level and topic below.

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Science Fair Ideas: Projects by Grade Level

elementary science fair ideas

Should only older kids get the fun of science fairs? No way! In fact, getting an early start on science fair participation is a great way to foster a lifelong appreciation for scientific discovery.

Have a middle-school student who loves to “wow” people with his or her expertise? Science fairs are a perfect outlet for all that energy, curiosity, and desire to impress.

As the world begins to open up for high school students, put their desire to do something meaningful to good use! With science fair, kids get the opportunity to engage current science and technology for the benefit of society.

Science Fair Ideas: Projects by Topic

Science Fair Ideas: Projects for Procrastinators

Your student just announced science fair is when!? Yep, life happens, and sometimes you need easy science fair ideas to pull off in a snap. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered, too. Many of these science project ideas can be completed in less than two weeks. While we don’t endorse putting in as little time as possible, we’re also realists. We recognize that some families need science fair ideas for projects that don’t span many weeks. So, without wasting any more time, here they are.

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