Are you planning to participate in a science fair, but aren't sure where to start?  Check out our “Gateway to Discovery: A Science Fair Guide to Get You Started.” (PDF)

In it, you'll get a complete overview of what you need to do to create a terrific science fair project! We've included topic and project ideas to get you started, plus important experiment steps and tips for arranging your science fair display and presenting it to the judges. The project ideas are divided by elementary, middle school, and high school level.

One science teacher and homeschool mom says this of our guide:

“Thank you for the science fair guide. It is organized and informative. I appreciate that it gives a general summary and examples. As a teacher, I had more questions from parents concerning their child's science fair project than from any other topic of the year. I plan to use this guide to help teach my children and others.”
– Jill S., Ohio