Did science fair season sneak up on you? Here are a few last-minute project ideas for you. Get a convenient kit with all the supplies you need in one package. Most orders ship the same business day, so you can get your stuff quickly! See our science fair supplies category for more. Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Kit. Grow great crystals every time with this unique kit! Includes everything you need to grow beautiful red and blue crystals for a science fair project! The kit includes ten crystal growing papers, four dishes, copper sulfate, potassium ferricyanide, and instructions. Reuse the dishes with extra papers and household chemicals to grow other types of crystals. Note that crystals do take several days to grow.

Bacteria Experiment KitBacteria Experiment Kit. The possibilities for great science fair projects with bacteria are endless! With this kit you have everything you need to experiment with conditions for bacteria growth and the effect of household cleaners on bacteria cultures. You can also design your own bacteria project with our free project guide. Note that bacteria cultures do take several days to grow.

Glo Germ Kit

Glo Germ Project Kit. Glo Germ gel simulates the behavior of real germs under a black light, so you can experiment with different methods to stop the spread of germs (see our free projects). Do a project to find the best handwashing techniques: what temperature of water works best; how long should a person wash their hands; does one type of soap work better than another?

Chemistry of Food KitFood Chemistry Kit. With a few simple chemicals, you can test foods for starch, glucose, protein, and vitamin C. Experiment with how different preservation methods affect the nutritional content, compare sugar to artificial sweeteners, find out the effect of saliva on starch, and more.

Soil Test Lab Kit. Use this economical soil testing kit to help study the effects of soil nutrients for your science fair project. Prepare different soils with various pH and nutrient levels and then observe the effects on plant growth. The instruction booklet for this kit includes ideas for adjusting pH and nutrient content and also lists the best pH range for many flower varieties.

Enviro-Battery Kit

Enviro-Battery Kit. With this kit you can make a battery from a potato, lemon, water, coins, or even a cup of dirt or a potted plant! Lots of experiment ideas as well as fun facts are included in the illustrated instructions. The kit also has a sheet to record the results of the experiments you try. An LED, sound chip (it sings like a bird!), and digital watch are included to use with your homemade batteries.

Solar Power Study Kit

Solar Power Study Kit. Explore the power of the sun as you learn about alternative energy, photovoltaic cells, and electrical circuits. This kit includes instructions to do seven fun experiments, as well as an explanation of how solar power is harnessed. Sure to spark a greater scientific interest in the world we live in!

Wind Turbine Study Kit. Find out about the power of the wind by building your own wind turbine! Experiment with using a capacitor to store energy, using wind as an alternative energy source, and learn about motors, generators, and electrical circuits. This kit includes instructions to do seven projects, as well as an explanation of how a wind turbine works.