This computer-based curriculum offers a complete science course for grades 7-12. Age-appropriate content is presented using an interactive format with built-in tools allowing the teacher to easily track student comprehension. Course topics cover General Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The curriculum works well for independent student study that requires minimal teacher involvement. The Switched-On Schoolhouse Science middle school and high school curriculum covers science topics with limited detail and moderate hands-on activities. We do not recommend it for students who enjoy science or want a rich hands-on learning experience. This curriculum presents a Christian creationist worldview.

Switched-on Schoolhouse Science Curriculum Review – Grades 7-12
Curriculum Components Recommended Curriculum DVD
Curriculum Cost (per Grade) $100
Hands-on Activities Cost (per Grade) $50-170 depending on grade
  • Designed for homeschool use
  • Easy-to-use integrated testing system
  • Computer-based curriculum with tech support and additional tutoring available (not included)
  • Not designed for science-oriented students
  • Not a rich hands-on learning experience
Learning Environment
Homeschool Suitability ★★★★★
Classroom Suitability ★★
New Science Teacher Suitability ★★★★
Learning Evaluation Tools ★★★★
Includes Student Tests Yes
Worldview Creationist
Student Appeal
Student Readability ★★★★★
Engaging Visual Content ★★★★
Independent Study Suitability ★★★★★
Suitability for Students Not Interested in Science ★★★★
Reading Level Grade Appropriate
Science Content Quality
Scope and Sequence ★★★★
Depth of Science Content ★★★
Age-appropriate Science Content ★★★★
Hands-on Science Learning
Comprehensive Hands-on Learning ★★★
Activities Develop Science Skills ★★★
Activities Develop Critical Thinking ★★★
Ease of Completing Experiments ★★★★
Activity/Lab Prep Time 10-20 minutes

Star Rating: 5-Very Good, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor