Berean Builders, an innovative curriculum written by Dr. Jay Wile, develops science skills using a hands-on approach, helping students gain practical scientific knowledge.The elementary curriculum focuses on four unique historical time periods, from the Earth’s beginnings to the 1800s. Each period covers a range of science topics and emphasizes great scientists who were also Christian. Lessons are based around a hands-on science experiment with three levels of review questions to end the lessons, allowing teachers to vary the difficulty level of concepts. Each textbook provides an in-depth science study for one school year. The supplemental Helps and Hints book includes teacher guidance, answers to questions, tests and test answers. Most of this curriculum is too involved for K-2, and the textbook is not suitable for grades 1-4 to read independently. It’s well-suited for a teacher reading aloud to a student or class. We recommend this curriculum for grades 3-6. This curriculum presents a Christian creationist worldview.

Berean Builders Science Curriculum Review – Grades 1-6
Curriculum Components Recommended Student Textbook, Helps and Hints Book
Curriculum Cost (per Grade) $39
Hands-on Activities Cost (per Grade) $40-70 depending on course
  • In-depth information presented clearly
  • Flexible approach allows homeschool teachers to teach multiple ages at once (best for Grades 3-6)
  • Review questions (to evaluate students) for three different levels of learning
  • Engaging pictures and hands-on experiments in each chapter
  • All courses written at a 5th grade reading level; can’t be read independently by most elementary students
Learning Environment
Homeschool Suitability ★★★★★
Classroom Suitability ★★★
New Science Teacher Suitability ★★★★
Learning Evaluation Tools ★★★★★
Includes Student Tests Yes
Worldview Creationist
Student Appeal
Student Readability ★★
Engaging Visual Content ★★★★★
Independent Study Suitability ★★
Suitability for Students Not Interested in Science ★★★
Reading Level 5th Grade
Science Content Quality
Scope and Sequence ★★★
Depth of Science Content ★★★★
Age-appropriate Science Content ★★★
Hands-on Science Learning
Comprehensive Hands-on Learning ★★★★
Activities Develop Science Skills ★★★★★
Activities Develop Critical Thinking ★★★★★
Ease of Completing Experiments ★★★★★
Activity/Lab Prep Time 10-20 minutes

Star Rating: 5-Very Good, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor