In this Real Science-4-Kids elementary curriculum review, find out what we think of it and if it’s right for you and your child.

Real Science-4-Kids elementary curriculum successfully shows youngest students science concepts and terms through a hands-on learning approach. Each science study (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, and Geology) is age appropriate and contains an overview of important concepts in terms that are understandable. The colorful cartoon illustrations help kids connect with the material. The student textbook presents the science concepts and the required laboratory workbook provides the experiment for each lesson. The teacher’s manual provides more guidance and engaging questions for each experiment. Each course has 10-14 chapters, with each chapter designed for one week of science. However the content could easily be stretched from one semester into a full-year study. The entire series is written by Dr. Rebecca Keller. This curriculum has a neutral worldview, focusing on just the science, without espousing a creation or evolution perspective.

Real Science 4 Kids Curriculum Review – Grades K-4
Curriculum Components Recommended Textbook, Teacher’s Manual, Laboratory Workbook
Curriculum Cost (per Grade) $95
Hands-on Activities Cost (per Grade) $40 for combined Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Colorful and engaging textbook
  • Hands-on style of learning with experiments provided in Teacher’s Manual
  • Age-appropriate experiments
  • Experiments are provided in the separate Laboratory Workbook
Learning Environment
Homeschool Suitability ★★★★
Classroom Suitability ★★★★
New Science Teacher Suitability ★★★★★
Learning Evaluation Tools ★★★
Includes Student Tests No
Worldview Neutral – neither creationist or evolutionist
Student Appeal
Student Readability ★★★★
Engaging Visual Content ★★★★★
Independent Study Suitability ★★★
Suitability for Students Not Interested in Science ★★★★
Reading Level 3rd Grade
Science Content Quality
Scope and Sequence ★★★
Depth of Science Content ★★★★
Age-appropriate Science Content ★★★★★
Hands-on Science Learning
Comprehensive Hands-on Learning ★★★★
Activities Develop Science Skills ★★★★★
Activities Develop Critical Thinking ★★★★
Ease of Completing Experiments ★★★
Activity/Lab Prep Time 10-15 minutes

Star Rating: 5-Very Good, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor

Customer Reviews

Smart Science Series
This certainly is the best science series we’ve found for our home school. My daughter couldn’t wait until the fall to begin & is asking to start now. Thanks for the straight forward information & for not dulling it down! (Review by Sue)

Love it!!!
Can’t stress how much we love this. Info is presented in a very straight forward manner. Not too much info, that it is overwhelming. The pictures are engaging and compliment the text. Experiments are fun and engaging. The info sticks with the kids–my four year old informed me days later that she was eating atoms (since she had learned everything was made up of atoms.) (Review by A. N.)

Chemistry Elementary
We enjoyed the material! It provides an excellent introduction to chemistry. The material is presented in a manner that relates to the younger student, but is not overly “dumbed down”. The kids loved the experiments! My older kids would always come in after the younger, and ask to repeat the experiments! (Review by Anonymous)

Fun to teach
My 3rd grade son LOVES this curriculum. He loves Science to begin with but this format is well written and illustrated and that makes it more exciting. The pictures are fun to look at, the explanations are well written and easy to understand, and the experiments are a blast to do! We also bought the Astronomy Set and the Biology Set and I can’t wait to do those too. (Review by Tiffany T.)

Great Beginner Course
This is a great beginner course on Chemistry. I have 3 girls that I homeschool. They are in Preschool, 2nd and 4th. I decided to get this curriculum because it seemed like it would be a good introduction to chemistry and I wasn’t wrong. When I first opened the textbook I was very disappointed because I thought the cartoons were silly and very simple. What I soon found out though is that my girls Loved them and they really got the concept. Later when I was talking about how atoms go together, my second grader said, “You know Mom, they link together like this.” And then she showed me how she links arms with her sisters. Just like the picture showed. From then on I was a believer. Also, I found that the curriculum worked for all three girls who are all at different ages. One thing you should know is that, just getting the text book and the journal will not work. You must get the teacher’s manual. It is where you get all of the information to perform the experiments. The information on how to perform them is not in the children’s workbooks or the text book. All in all I am very happy and plan on getting the other sets for this next school year. One thing to note is that at least one of the experiments costs about twenty dollars to do, because of all the different ingredients you have to buy. The others have things you can use at home. (Review by R. G.)