Real Science-4-Kids offers an engaging middle school curriculum and high school chemistry course. With a focus on fundamentals, this curriculum helps children gain confidence by teaching essential concepts and terms. It includes hands-on activities and colorful illustrations to capture kids’ interest. This series covers chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology, giving middle school students a familiarity with science concepts they’ll build on later. Each topic is covered in an individual textbook meant to last 10-12 weeks, working through one chapter each week. The hands-on experiments are designed around the scientific method and emphasize investigation. The series is written by Dr. Rebecca Keller. This curriculum presents a neutral worldview.

Real Science 4 Kids Curriculum Review – Grades 5-8, Chemistry
Curriculum Components Recommended Textbook, Teacher’s Manual, Laboratory Workbook
Curriculum Cost (per Grade) $94 grades 5-8

$153 High School Chemistry

Hands-on Activities Cost (per Grade) $30-65 grades 5-8

$60 High School Chemistry

  • Colorful and engaging textbook
  • Hands-on style of learning with experiments provided in Teacher’s Manual
  • Experiments are integrated into textbook, but only available separately
Learning Environment
Homeschool Suitability ★★★★
Classroom Suitability ★★★
New Science Teacher Suitability ★★★★
Learning Evaluation Tools ★★★
Includes Student Tests No
Worldview Neutral – neither creationist or evolutionist
Student Appeal
Student Readability ★★★★
Engaging Visual Content ★★★★★
Independent Study Suitability ★★★
Suitability for Students Not Interested in Science ★★★★
Reading Level 6th Grade
Science Content Quality
Scope and Sequence ★★★
Depth of Science Content ★★★★
Age-appropriate Science Content ★★★★
Hands-on Science Learning
Comprehensive Hands-on Learning ★★★★
Activities Develop Science Skills ★★★★
Activities Develop Critical Thinking ★★★★
Ease of Completing Experiments ★★★★
Activity/Lab Prep Time 10-15 minutes

Star Rating: 5-Very Good, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Curriculum
When I received the books I initially thought they would be too advanced for my fifth grader. I could not have been more wrong. She absolutely loves them and is completely engaged in our science lessons now. She is learning concepts that are not taught in a traditional school setting at this level and is not only thrilled to be learning, but is retaining her knowledge. I could not be more pleased with this curriculum and will continue to use it for each grade level.  (Review by Lisa)

Great Science Curriculum
My children love this science curriculum. The textbook is not dumbed down and includes a lot of information in short contexts. The teacher’s manual was very helpful and explained the concepts a little further than the student books. The experiments all worked and went well with the lesson. My children liked using the lab book. It included a list of materials for each science experiment, simple steps to do the experiments, places to write and fill in results and definitions, and other features. We are doing the Chemistry right now and are almost done. They have learned and retained a lot from this science. I wonder if the company will develop a curriculum in Physics and Biology for Jr. High and Sr. High. (Review by Miss Patti)

Good books!
These are really good books–collectively, they do cover a wide range of topics. However, my only problem is that they are missing some very important concepts such as cell division. The teacher’s manual is great and very detailed! (Review by Noreen)

Great science lessons kids enjoy
We bought this to use for my middle school son, and it worked out really well. It’s easy to cover chapter each week, and end with an experiment that really ties it all together. The pictures were also really helpful, one of the reasons we liked RS4K because a lot of other options didn’t have the color photos with them. The teacher’s manual is great too, with further details and information to help with the children’s lessons, which is especially helpful if it’s been a while since you, as a parent, has covered the material. I wish RS4K made more of these science kids! Looking forward to doing their astronomy & geology this year, then moving on to their high school set! Would definitely recommend this for a science & theory (not creation based) science curriculum. (Review by Krystyna)