Video projects:

Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it! Here are several good sites which offer science project videos.

watch great science projects online!

  • Check out a science project every week in both print and video form on Non-members can view the videos every other week, while members have access to all project videos as well as a library of videos about basic concepts in science.
  • The Exploratorium has videos for several fun after-school projects. Each project has three segments including a step-by-step process and a “how it works” explanation.
  • The HST YouTube channel has a collection of project videos to go along with our science projects.


Project collections:

In addition to our extensive science project archive, here are some other sites with a wide variety of projects:

science projects for kids

  • Find great projects from the PBS show Zoom at Zoomsci. You can read other kids’ results and report your own.
  • The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco has an index of projects they like to call “science snacks.”
  • Science writer Vicki Cobb has an archive at Show-Biz Science. The text is geared toward teachers, but anyone can do these fun projects


Science Fair Projects:

There are many resources on the web to help you during science fair season. The following links are helpful for both veterans and first-timers.

bacteria tests are popular science fair projects

  • For help from start to finish, download our free science fair guide PDF! It covers the process of brainstorming your topic, doing research, designing your experiment, analyzing the results, and presenting your project at the fair.
  • If you’re looking for project ideas, check out our science fair pages. Projects ideas are categorized by topic and age level.
  • Science Buddies has a topic selection wizard, project guides, and a bulletin board where you can ask for help from volunteer scientists.


Books & Kits:

If you’re looking for science projects to have on hand for rainy days at your house, you might be interested in some of these books and kits.

have science project books and kits on-hand for rainy days

  • Find more than 400 projects using everyday objects in Exploratopia.
  • For elementary-aged kids, My Big Science Book is full of science activities kids can do on their own. Uses common household materials.
  • Dunecraft kits like Astounding Polymers or Sand, Snow, & Solids have interesting projects and plenty of materials to do many different experiments repeatedly. Great for extra-curricular science fun, or for science-themed parties.
  • Explore biology, chemistry, and physics with the National Geographic Elements of Science Kit. Includes over 100 projects.