After you and your family feast on turkey dinner, gobble up this two-page Turkey Anatomy Thanksgiving Printable (pdf). Color the wild turkey, and learn about its unique anatomy. What is a wattle? Can turkeys fly? Find the answers to these questions and more, plus complete a fun Thanksgiving word search.

Impress your family or friends with the following facts:

  • Turkeys grow “beards.” They’re not made of hair but of stiff bristly feathers. In general, the older a turkey is, the longer his (or her!) beard is.
  • Full-grown turkeys have around 3,500 feathers! A male’s feathers can have bits of copper, bronze, red, green, or purple. A female turkey has feathers that are less colorful shades of brown and gray.
  • A male turkey’s caruncles (wattle and snood) are used to attract a mate. Females take notice of the length and color of a tom’s snood (flap of skin that hangs over his beak).