Want to make terms like “metamorphosis” and “life cycle” memorable? Just watch them in action!  With these kits, you can observe live insects, worms, frogs, and even chicks up close and personal, and discover amazing things about how they eat, move, and live.


Kit Why Buy? Product Image
AntWorks No need to feed your ants as they dig through this cool see-through nutrient gel. Ages 6 & up. AntWorks space-age habitat
AntWorks Illuminated Habitat Like AntWorks, but illuminated with a cool blue light so you can see ant antics up close! Ages 8 & up. AntWorks deluxe
Butterfly Garden Watch the entire Painted Lady lifecycle from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly! A complete habitat + coupon for 3-5 live larvae (caterpillars). Ages 4 & up. butterfly garden with live caterpillars
Frog Hatchery Kit Watch the amazing frog lifecycle from embryo to tadpole to adult. Get a complete habitat + coupon for 6-10 frog embryos. Ages 8 & up. frog hatchery kit
Grow-a-Frog Kit Get a tiny water frog tadpole guaranteed to grow to adulthood! Grow-a-Frog kit
Ladybug Land Watch as ladybug larvae grow, turn into pupae, and 5 days later emerge as red-and-black-spotted adult ladybugs! Ages 6 & up. ladybug land
Beetle Life Cycle Kit Watch the mealworm-to-Darkling-beetle cycle with this complete, easy-to-care-for kit. Comes with a coupon for live beetle larvae (mealworms). Ages 8 & up. beetle life cycle kit
Quail Eggs & Incubator This chick incubator comes complete with four fertilized eggs that hatch in 17-23 days! (Adult supervision and turning eggs every day is required.) quail eggs with incubator