DIY Science Gift Ideas

It’s been said that the best gifts are those we make ourselves. And these DIY science gifts are no exception. Whether you’re motivated by a skimpy allowance or a desire to create one-of-a-kind gifts for those on your Christmas list, you’ll find something for everyone. Along the way, you may even learn a thing or two.

DIY Science Gifts For Pampering

DIY science gifts - bath saltsBath Salts
Few things are as relaxing as a hot bath on a cold day. Up the comfort factor with homemade bath salts. Try baby soda bottles for packaging single-serve bath salts and amber bottles for larger quantities.

Lip Balm
Protect your pout against the elements with handmade lip balm. Handy with your design software? Then create custom labels to adorn the container. Try our 15 ml porcelain crucible for an unusual container.

Bath Bombs
Much like bath salts, bath bombs can foster a luxurious feeling in the tub. These bombs cause a chemical reaction which results in bubbles and fizz. Pack them in a wide-mouthed glass jar circled with ribbon or in a tissue-lined box. Or buy the bath bomb science kit

DIY Science Gifts For Decorating

Air Freshener
This simple project illustrates how polymers can cause a scent to permeate the air for weeks. Custom scents, colors, and jars allow you to personalize air fresheners for different people.

DIY Science Gift - marbled paperMarbled Paper
Discover density and absorption with two easy paper marbling projects. Once your paper is completed, use it as gift wrap, to make a card, or frame it as a piece of unique art. Bonus: This project is fast, making marbled paper a great last-minute DIY science gift idea.

Homemade Paper
Put old newspapers, laundry lint, and junk mail to use with this DIY science gift project! Use homemade paper for Christmas cards or group it with envelopes and a pretty pen for a gift set.

Snowflake Ornaments DIY science gifts - ornament
Crystal snowflake ornaments are simple and beautiful mementos for holidays to come. Placing it inside a small box makes wrapping a cinch plus provides clever storage after Christmas. Or consider making the ornaments together with your loved ones.

DIY Science Gifts For Eating

DIY science gifts - rock candyRock Candy Sticks
Make a tasty treat while learning about chemistry basics. Grow edible crystals in one week using ingredients you probably have on hand.

Hand-churned Butter
Learn about emulsions while churning out an edible gift for someone on your list. Bake a batch of bread or muffins to go with the butter.

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