Use this worksheet as a fun coloring page to teach your kids about different names for baby birds. Print it out and have them match the baby birds to their parents, then color the pictures.

There are lots of different names for baby birds! In general, they are called chicks or hatchlings, but some types of birds have special names. Here are a few:

  • A baby duck is called a duckling.
  • A baby goose is called a gosling (say GOZ-ling)
  • A baby eagle is called a fledgling or an eaglet.
  • A baby swan is called a cygnet (say SIG-net) or a flapper.
  • A baby pigeon is called a squab (say SKWAHB).

Groups of hatchlings are sometimes called a brood or a clutch. Groups of grown-up birds can have different names, too. Usually they are a flock, but a group of geese is called a gaggle and a group of ducks is called a brace.