The A Beka middle school and high school curriculum offers excellent, rigorous science courses with complete scope and sequence using a traditional school textbook approach. However, due to its content presentation and lab activities designed for the classroom, it’s challenging for homeschool settings. It is best suited for students with a strong interest in science and parent teachers with a science background. It is designed to be taught and not self-learned by the student. The lessons and labs, especially grades 9-12, are complex and require significant teacher preparation time. Grades 9-12 (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) are harder to teach and more time-consuming than grades 7-8. This curriculum presents a Christian creationist worldview.

Review of A Beka Book® Science Curriculum – Grades 7-12
Curriculum Components Recommended Student Text, Teacher Edition, Activity Book, Teacher Activity Book, Tests, Test Key
Curriculum Cost (per Grade) $105 for grades 7-8

$170 for grades 9-12

Hands-on Activities Cost (per Grade) $80-390 depending on grade
  • Clear, engaging, and beautiful pictures
  • Detailed with clear descriptions
  • Excellent scope and sequence covers subject well
  • One-time use of lab manual
  • Labs require extensive prep time
  • More classroom-oriented and less homeschool friendly
  • Requires a long list of materials and equipment
Learning Environment
Homeschool Suitability ★★★
Classroom Suitability ★★★★★
New Science Teacher Suitability ★★
Learning Evaluation Tools ★★★★★
Includes Student Tests Yes
Worldview Creationist
Student Appeal
Student Readability ★★★★
Engaging Visual Content ★★★★★
Independent Study Suitability ★★
Suitability for Students Not Interested in Science ★★★
Reading Level Grade Appropriate
Science Content Quality
Scope and Sequence ★★★★★
Depth of Science Content ★★★★★
Age-appropriate Science Content ★★★★★
Hands-on Science Learning
Comprehensive Hands-on Learning ★★★★★
Activities Develop Science Skills ★★★★
Activities Develop Critical Thinking ★★★★
Ease of Completing Experiments ★★★
Activity/Lab Prep Time 30-60 minutes

Star Rating: 5-Very Good, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor

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