The next time you visit the seashore, be a beach scavenger! You will see lots of different and very interesting plants and animals. Count them as you go to see how many different forms of life you can spot. Use this coloring page (.pdf) to help you look for some of the more common items that can be found on the beach. See the Observing the Seashore science project for further instructions on doing a beach scavenger hunt.

Did you know that two great places to look for plants and animals on the seashore are the strandline and tide pools? The strandline is the farthest place the water reaches on the beach at high tide. Plants, animals, and other items in the ocean often get stranded there because the water is not strong enough to pull them back out to sea. Tide pools form when the high tide comes in and the holes in the rock are filled with salty ocean water. Tide pools provide sheltered places for many sea creatures that were washed in with the tide. Both of these places are best to observe during low tide. And since the ocean brings in new items and washes old items back into the sea, what you can find in the strandline and tide pools changes with each tide!