Our bullfrog tadpoles are drop-shipped from our supplier by 2-day air. They come with a Reptile & Amphibian Care booklet, as well as a Care Sheet with all the information you need to get your aquarium set up and your tadpoles acclimated. Below are some steps to get you started. (Note: make sure your hands are completely free of any soaps or lotions. Traces of these in the water can harm the tadpoles.)

  1. 24 hours before your tadpoles are due to arrive, fill your habitat with spring water and let it settle to room temperature. (The habitat can be an aquarium or a shallow dish; bullfrog tadpoles only need water about 2 inches deep.) It’s a good idea to fill a “holding” container with spring water at the same time to make the tadpole transition easier.
  2. When the tadpoles arrive, open the bag and set it upright in the holding container (don’t let any of the water from the bag get into the container). Wait 20-30 minutes or until you feel the temperatures have equilibrated.
  3. Remove 1/4 of the water from the bag and replace it with water from the holding container. This is to help balance the pH.
  4. Wait 15 minutes and then repeat step 3.
  5. Wait another 15 minutes, then carefully remove the tadpoles from the bag with a net and put them in the habitat you have prepared. Throw the shipping bag and its water away.

The whole acclimating process should take 50-60 minutes. If it is done too quickly, the tadpoles might die.

As soon as your tadpoles start swimming around, beginning feeding them with tadpole food. You will need to change the water at least once a week; always use room temperature water. Tadpoles may not survive a sudden temperature change of more than 2-3° F.

Watch Tadpoles Swim

(Note: When the tadpoles are being transferred in the video, all the water in the shipping bag has been replaced with holding tank water, removing the need for a net.)