How can you combine fun and education for learning that lasts? With hands-on science projects for kids! These classic science experiments use mostly household items, ideal for at-home activities. Make slime, super-bubbles, a solar oven, and more! But most of all, you’ll make memories with the ones that matter most. Check out our list of 16 popular science projects, each with step-by-step instructions.

balloon-car.jpg Build a Balloon Rocket Car

bouncy-ball.jpg How To Make a Colorful Bouncy Ball

copper-key.jpg Electroplating a Copper-Plated Key

egg-in-a-bottle.jpg Egg In A Bottle Trick

galvanometer.jpg Make A Homemade Galvanometer

heart-pump.jpg How To Make A Heart Pump Science Project

hot-air-balloon.jpg How To Make A Mini Hot Air balloon

how-to-make-slime.jpg How To Make Slime

lava-lamp.jpg How To Make A Homemade Lava Lamp

liquid-density.jpg Liquid Density Experiments

saltwater-circuits.jpg Build A Saltwater Circuit

simple-motor.jpg Build A Simple Motor Science Project

solar-car.jpg Build A Solar Car

solar-oven.jpg How To Build A Solar Oven

super-bubbles.jpg How To Make Super Bubbles

water-filtration.jpg Water Purification Science Project