Here is a list of the products we sell that can be used for the Rainbow Science second year labs. Please note that there are many more required materials which we do not carry. If you want a complete kit, we recommend that you order the one that Beginnings Publishing makes to go with the Rainbow curriculum. Their chemicals are pre-weighed; if you order chemicals from us, you will need a balance to weigh out the correct amounts.

Description Our Product Quantity Needed Lesson Reference
Earthworm, preserved PM-WORM 1 B12
Agar plates, 2/pk Order BE-PETRI1 and BE-AGARNBT 1 B1, B3
Cover slips, 22 mm, glass MS-SLIDCV 1 B4, B5, B6
Microscope slide, glass, standard MS-SLIDEPL 1 B4, B5, B6, B7
Pocket microscope, 100x MI-PK100X 1 B1
Acetic acid UN2789 1 RN5
Potting soil GS-PEATMOS 1 B6
String, 1 m MC-STRING 1 RN7
Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) CH-EPSOM 1 RN4
Plaster of paris GS-PLASTER 1 RN2
Brine shrimp LM-BRSHRIMP 1 B20
Silica sand GS-SANDFIN 1 RN3, RN4
Yeast LM-YEAST 1 B5
Swab, sterile PT-SWABS 2 B1, B6
Syringe, 20 cc CE-SYRIN60, 60 cc 1 RN8
Beaker, disposable plastic GS-CUP&LID 3 B20, RN4, RN5
Petri dish BE-PETRI1 1 B5
Chemical-resistant gloves, medium CE-SGLOVEM 3 B9, B12
Chemical-resistant gloves, x-large CE-SGLOVEL, size large 3 B9, B12
Dissection tray DE-TRAYS 1 B12
pH paper, folded in tissue CH-PHSTRIP 1 RN5
Tubing connector CE-TUBEY 1 RN8
Rubber bands, large and small GS-RUBBAND 1 RN7, RN9
Filter paper CE-FILTPAP 1 RN3, RN4
Cellophane, red GS-CELLO 1 RN9