Here is a list of the products we sell that can be used for the Rainbow Science labs. Please note that there are many more required materials which we do not carry. If you want a complete kit, we recommend that you order the one that Beginnings Publishing makes to go with the Rainbow curriculum. Their chemicals are pre-weighed; if you order chemicals from us, you will need a balance to weigh out the correct amounts.

Description Our Product Quantity Needed Lesson Reference
Safety goggles CE-GOGGLE1 1 R01
Tape measure ME-TAPE1 1 R01
Rainbow slinky, plastic MC-SLINKY1, metal 1 R03
String, 6″ MC-STRING 1 R03
9-Volt battery MC-BALK-9V 2 R06
Balloons GS-BALLOON 2 R07
Compass, liquid-filled RM-ORNCOMP 1 R08
Bar magnets MG-BAR1C 1 R08
Iron filings CH-IRON 1 R08
Copper wire EL-WIRE24H 1 R09
Nail, steel PT-NAIL16C 1 R09
Copper wire, magnet EL-WIRE24M 1 R09
Clear plastic cups GS-CUP&LID 1 R11
Glass tubing, 5″ CE-TUBEG6, 6″ 1 R11
Microscope slide, glass MS-SLIDEPL 1 R11
Medicine dropper CE-DROPPER 1 R11
Thermometer, -20 to 100 °C ME-THER30A 1 R12
Glass stirring rod CE-STIRROD 1 R12
Magnifying glass, 2x OP-MAGNIFY 1 R13
Ruler, 12″ ME-RULER 1 R14
Graduated cylinder CE-CYGL100 1 R14
Beaker, 50 ml, glass CE-BEAK050 1 Y01
Periodic table CE-PERTAB2 1 Y03
Sodium bicarbonate CH-NAHCO3 1 Y06
Acetic acid UN2789 1 Y06
Candles, small OP-CANDLE 2 Y08
Ascorbic acid CH-ASCORB 1 Y09
Funnel CE-FUNNEL 1 Y09
Filter paper CE-FILTPAP 1 Y12
pH test paper CH-PHSTRIP 1 Y14