Not sure which slide set is best for you? Watch our video introduction, and then use the chart below as a quick selection guide.


Slide Set: Includes: Picture:
Elementary Slide Set

12 slides specially selected for elementary-age children.  High-quality glass slides. 

Complete Elementary Slide Set

25 slides to engage younger students in exploring plant, animal, and household specimens.

General Microscope Slide Set

25 slides of plants, animal tissue, protozoa, and more. Ideal set for intermediate (pre-high school) use.

Biology Microscope Slide Set

25 of the plant and anatomy specimens most commonly studied in high school.

Botany Slide Set and Zoology Slide Set

25 slides per set. Reveal details of the animal and plant worlds .

Water Life Slide Set 12 slides of tiny water organisms. A great collection for marine biology students.
Anatomy Slide Set 16 slides surveying the major tissues and organs of the body. Study the details of cells.
Human Pathology Slide Set 12 research-quality tissue microscope slides of human diseases.
Microscope Accessory Set Ideal for students! Comes with The World of the Microscope and essential accessories like plain glass slides for preparing your own specimens.
Microscope Slide-Making Kit This basic kit will get you started preparing and staining your own slides, such as sections of cork or a leaf, smears of cheek cells or bread mold, and more.
Basic Microscope Slide Set This set contains 12 plain glass slides, two concave slides and a box of coverslips, all packed in a slide  storage box.
Microscope Starter Set View high-quality prepared slides, then make your own.  Includes six prepared slides, plain slide, and an optics cleaning kit.