Looking for homeschool groups near you, the cheapest places to buy used books, or where to find good online classes? We hope these links will help you get connected, whether you’re a new homeschooler or have been at it for a while.

Homeschool Curriculum

This is a listing of the major homeschool curriculums. The majority of them are written from a Christian worldview – if you are looking for something else, you might try Calvert, TOPS, or Pathway Publishing. We sell the science courses for many of these.

  • Alpha Omega. Grades K-12. We sell LifePac science curriculum and kits and Switched-on Schoolhouse science curriculum and kits.
  • A Beka. We sell science kits with lab materials for use with each grade of this curriculum.
  • Apologia. A science curriculum that’s great for homeschools, grades 2-12. We sell curriculum and kits.
  • Bob Jones University Press. Grades K-12. We sell science curriculum and kits.
  • Calvert. Grades K-8. Accredited homeschooling programs and testing services.
  • Christian Light. Grades K-12. We sell science kits with the necessary lab materials.
  • Covenant Home. Grades K-12.
  • K12. Complete online homeschooling courses.
  • KONOS. Grades K-12. Unit studies.
  • The JASON Project. Offers ‘experience-based’ curriculum applying real-life research to math and science.
  • OdysseyWare. Offers a ‘Multimedia’ electronic curriculum for grades 3-12.
  • TOPS. Hands-on science unit studies using simple things.

If you’re going to use a curriculum for science, we offer course-specific science kits that save you time and money on labs. To see our full selection, visit our curriculum page and science kits page.

Homeschool Online Classes

Homeschool Support

  • Homeschool.com Labeled as ‘Your Virtual Homeschool’, this site has a lot of resources.
  • NATHHAN. Resources and support for families with special needs kids.
  • AHA Homeschool Weblogs Blog. This is constantly-updated listing and review of homeschool blogs.
  • Homeschool Basics Blog. Find answers to many common questions about homeschooling at this helpful blog!

Other Resources

Books About Homeschooling

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