Re-purpose lab glassware into chic household decorations (or creative gifts)! Here are some of our favorite ideas:


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Chemistry Glass Bath Decor
Beakers and flasks provide streamlined bathroom storage.
Shown left to right: 250 ml beaker, 100 ml beaker, 250 ml volumetric flask

Beaker Planter
Our 2000 ml beaker makes an unexpected planter in an office or den.
Shown: 2000 ml beaker

Flask Flower Vases
Heighten the drama of a small floral arrangement with lab glassware.
Shown: 50 ml graduated cylinder, 250 ml volumetric flask, 250 ml boiling flask

Beaker Frames
Upended beakers act as of-the-minute picture frames.
Shown: 400 ml beaker, 600 ml beaker

Flask Zen Garden + Watch Glass Tea light holder
Repurpose a watch glass as a tea light holder and a flask as a Zen garden.
Shown: 100 mm watch glass, 1000 ml Erlenmeyer flask

Graduated Cylinder Candlesticks
Add scientific sensibility to your next tablescape by using graduated cylinders as candlesticks.
Shown: 50 ml graduated cylinder <!— Include ONCE for ALL buttons in the page —> <!— Customize and include for EACH button in the page —> Pin It