Use this chart to quickly compare features on the Home Science Tools and National Optical low-power and stereo microscopes that we sell.

Microscope: 20x iExplore Stereo 20/40x Dual Power Stereo N.O. 460 Stereo Zoom N.O. 420 Stereo Zoom
Overall Rating Good Better Best Best
Photo 20x beginner stereo microscope 20/40x deluxe stereo microscope stereo zoom microscope digital stereo microscope
Why Buy? Study nature with kids Scientific study Scientific study Study large specimens
Optical Quality Good Very good Superb Superb
Magnification 20x 20x, 40x 15x – 45x 10x – 40x
Focusing Post Rack & Pinion Post Rack & Pinion Post Rack & Pinion Post Rack & Pinion
Illumination LED (Top) Tungsten (Top & Bottom) Halogen top, Fluorescent bottom Halogen top, Fluorescent bottom
Working Distance 65 mm 65 mm 70 mm 79 mm
Maximum Specimen Size 30 mm 55 mm 36mm 93 mm
Field of View 9 mm @ 20x 10 mm @ 20x, 5 mm @ 40x 13 mm @ 15x, 4.3 mm @ 45x 20 mm @ 10x, 5 mm @ 40x
Warranty 1 Year Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Best Use Elementary to Middle School Elementary to High School High School, Pro-fessional High School, Pro-fessional
Price click for price click for price click for price click for price
Optional Models 10/30x none none

Watch our ‘Learning about Stereo Microscopes’ video to find out more about the different features of these models.