Use this chart to quickly compare features on the Chemistry kits available from Home Science Tools.

Chem C500



Ages 8-13


The 30 projects in this set provide a fun introduction to chemistry and reactions!
Chem C1000 Ages 10-15 With these 75 projects, kids can get a solid grasp on chemistry basics while having fun in the lab.
Fizzy Foamy Science Ages 4-8 Learn the science behind acids & bases, mixtures and reactions with 7 projects that fizz, foam, and bubble!
Chemistry Lab Equipment Set Ages 12 & up Enhance your chemistry experience with real lab tools like beakers, test tubes, a flask, and alcohol lamp.
Slime Science Ages 8-11 Make slimes that jiggle, change from solid to liquid, are stretchy, and more to learn about chemical reactions, polymers, solids, and liquids.
Fizz Wizard & Jammin’ Jelly Kit Ages 8-14 Explore basic chemistry concepts through making 16 incredible and tasty concoctions like soda pop and pudding !
Ultimate Spa & Perfume Ages 8 & up You’ll be able to make cleansing masks, foaming baths, oatmeal soap, facials, and more. This is a good way to encourage an interest in basic chemistry!
Cool Blue Light Experiment Ages 9-14 Learn about chemi-luminescence and the quantum leap as you make a cool blue light appear in the dark and do 6 other chemistry experiments.
Deluxe Crystal Growing Ages 10 & up Learn how crystals form as you create two different types of crystals in nine colors.
Chemistry Fun Experiment Kit Ages  10-14 Make chemistry entertaining and memorable! Comes with Jr ChemHead and real lab supplies. Experiment with 40+ fun projects that will encourage kids to think scientifically.
Classic Chemistry Kit Ages 12 & up Do over 20 fun experiments. Comes with a guide and 40+ items, including real labware and chemicals.
Chemistry Magic Tricks Kit Ages 12 & up Amaze your friends with 12 cool tricks, including color-changing solutions and turning water into a solid instantly. Comes with chemicals and real glassware.
Chem C2000 Ages 12 & up 261 experiments – a thorough chemistry intro! Projects include invisible ink, chromatography, copper plating, electrolysis in a test tube, growing salt crystals, distilling salt water,  fizzy reactions, combusting a magnesium strip, and changing solution colors. Includes a 134-pp manual.
Chem C3000 Ages 13 & up 400 experiments – a complete chemistry course! Projects include water electrolysis, flame color tests, chromatography of leaves and chemicals, mixing up artificial honey, breaking sawdust down into glucose, and much more. 180-pp manual.
Chemistry of Food Kit Ages 13 & up Learn about food at its most basic level as you test for glucose, starch, protein, and vitamin C with the materials in this kit.
MicroChem Kit Ages 13 & up This complete kit covers chroma-tography, melting points, conductivity of solutions, mole ratios, double replacement reactions, oxidation- reduction reactions, decomposition, Charles’ Law, Boyle’s Law, pH, titration, molar mass, buffer solutions, concentration and reaction rates, temperature and reaction rates, and galvanic cells.